S2E4 is an internationally active consultancy operating in three business areas: Safe Products, Efficient Products and Sustainable Products.

About Us

S2E4 is a renowned consultancy that specialises in product safety standards (S2) and energy efficiency and environmental expertise (E4).

S2E4 operates under three main business streams which reflect our key areas of expertise:

  1. Safe Products: Consumer issues and product safety policy
  2. Efficient Products: Energy efficiency product policy
  3. Sustainable Products: Environmental services

Our staff has over 30 years of international experience and authoritative knowledge and expertise. We have extensive experience of working with different organisations in numerous countries and have worked worked in Africa and Asia on behalf of UNDP, UNICEF and WHO programmes. Our clients include government departments and policymakers, the European Commission, APEC Secretariat, international agencies, industry associations, research organisations and consumer bodies.

1. Safe Products

In the realm of consumer issues and product safety policy, our staff does the following:

  • Guides and refines the development of consumer safety policy
  • Assists the development of new safety standards
  • Coordinates product test programmes between different bodies
  • Supports the strengthening of market surveillance
  • Facilitates the harmonisation and adoption of best practice
  • Conducts evidence-based research

Recent Achievements:

  • Coordinated six long-term PROSAFE (Product Safety Enforcement Forum of Europe) programmes grant funded by the European Commission that are supporting the adoption of best practice by market surveillance authorities across the whole of the EU
  • Evaluated the Enhancing Market Surveillance through Best Practice (EMARS II) Programme
  • Undertook a programme for the EU Consumer NGO, ANEC, to revise and update EN safety standards to include requirements for the safety of children and older persons and persons with disabilities

2. Efficient Products

Efficient Products specialises in energy efficiency policy and does the following:

  • Advises on development and refinement of policies
  • Strengthens implementation programmes
  • Conducts monitoring, verification and enforcement studies
  • Facilitates capacity building and provides training in test laboratories and certification bodies
  • Facilitates capacity building and provides training for market surveillance authorities
  • Conducts evidence-based research

Recent Achievements:

  • Co-managed the UK Government’s (DEFRA) Market Transformation Programme
  • Adviser to the UNDP-GEF funded Market Transformation of Energy-Efficient Appliances in Turkey
  • Adviser to the UNDP-GEF funded establishiment of Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement systems (MVE) to promote Efficient Lighting in Russia
  • Adviser to the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Program (VEESL)
  • Authored a scoping Study to Improve Minimum Energy Performance Standards for China (CLASP)
  • Led the research on the APEC International Survey of Market Compliance Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Co-authored Compliance Counts A Practitioner’s Guidebook on Best Practice Monitoring, Verification, and Enforcement for Appliance Standards & Labeling

3. Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products provides environmental services by undertaking the following:

  • Conducts research programmes
  • Provides project management and coordination
  • Undertakes programme evaluation
  • Organises conference and workshops

Recent Achievements:

  • Evaluated the progress of two long-term environmental programmes funded by the European Commission
  • Authored two EU Horizon 2020 Project Proposals that focused on strengthening compliance to an EU Environmental Directives. The Proposals were awarded a total €4 million in grants
  • Supported the development of the conference programme for a global energy efficiency workshop in Beijing in 2012 and its follow-up in 2014