Efficient Products:
This business area specialises in developing and improving the implementation of energy efficiency policy.

Efficient Products

Advise on Development and Refinement

We provide technical and strategic advice and recommendations supporting the development of energy efficiency product policy:

  • Identifying Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPs) and energy labelling categories
  • Providing comparative analyses on similar policies in other countries
  • Clarifying policy objectives, drafting and modifying product policy
  • Producing evidence-based recommendations
  • Facilitating discussion/debate on policy issues with stakeholders
  • Supporting of the refinement of product policy through the provision of expert guidance

We use our strong knowledge and thorough understanding of product energy efficiency policy to provide recommendations on how policies can be further improved and continue to be robust and effective.

Strengthen Implementation

We help strengthen the institutional capacity of government departments to implement and adopt new product policies:

  • Analysing the conformity assessment and product performance testing capacity within economies
  • Developing recommendations for building or upgrading laboratories to meet requirements of the standards
  • Training of laboratory staff to undertake product testing

Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement (MV&E)

We have been conducting MV&E studies for more than 10 years and have developed extensive knowledge of different compliance and enforcement regimes used by countries, e.g. volumes of samples tested, typical sampling arrangements, the different approaches to check and verification testing and, importantly, the relative costs and effectiveness of the regimes that can be implemented.

Facilitate Capacity Building

We provide capacity building and training for technical and regulatory staff:

  • Training government officials in policy implementation
  • Developing verification and enforcement systems (market surveillance) standards and labeling regulations
  • Building expertise in market surveillance departments

Conduct Evidence-based Research

We undertake energy efficiency policy research. This can involve the projection of energy impact, trends and scenarios, including energy savings and energy demand modelling. Our research outputs have had far reaching implications and have been essential in informing the direction of future policy making.