Safe Products:
This business area specialises in consumer issues and product safety policy.

Safe Products

Develop improved safety standards

We help with product safety standards development:

  • Providing your input to standards making bodies like IEC and CENELEC
  • Producing evidence-based research to steer standards development
  • Representing consumer bodies involved in lobbying for new standards
  • Managing programmes for developing product test standards internationally
  • Helping stakeholders to come to agreements on requirements for standards

Guide and Refine

We help by providing guidance for policy makers:

  • Producing recommendations on how policies can be improved and implementation can become more effective
  • Organising the testing of products
  • Assisting collaboration with consumer bodies and technical product experts
  • Training and capacity building

Coordinate Product Test Programmes

We coordinate product test programmes at laboratories across the European Union and in other countries.
We oversee the development of test programmes, the selection of products to be tested, the identification of the expert laboratories, the transportation of the product test samples to the designated laboratories, the testing of the products, and the analysis of the test results.

Strengthen Market Surveillance

We help strengthen the market surveillance of product polices:

  • Identifying best practice and training staff to adopt it
  • Coordinating activities between different market surveillance authorities
  • Ensuring unfair competition is reduced from non-compliant products by providing intelligence
  • Developing Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement (MV&E) regimes for individual countries
  • Training and capacity building

Facilitate the Harmonisation and Adoption of Best Practice

The use of common approaches among different market surveillance authorities is a key to delivering robust market surveillance. We deliver coordination programmes designed to enhance the collaboration, knowledge transfer and sharing of experience and best practice amongst regionally based market surveillance authorities.